Coaching is not therapy; rather it is a co-creative relationship. It's an investment in YOU. Your future, your success, your achievements —all that's important to you.

Coaches are interested in both your present situation and your future. We focus on your needs and goals, helping you move forward. When an obstacle is in your path, we help you find a way around it, over it, or perhaps even discover a detour on another road. Coaching is a dialogue, a sharing of ideas and information. It’s a win/win partnership.


Many professionals choose coaching because they can achieve results faster than in a group setting. They can get the individual attention they need and schedule sessions to fit their busy schedules. Even professional coaches have coaches. As results-oriented people, they've found that the best road to improvement is the one they map out with their coach. Having a coach does not mean you're a failure. Actually, it's usually the high-performers that use coaches to hone their abilities.

Asking yourself the following questions can pinpoint areas where a coach can help you improve your skills:

  • Does speaking in front of a group make you feel uncomfortable or nervous?
  • Would you like to overcome performance anxiety?
  • Is there anything specific that you want to improve in your communication or presentation skills that would help you grow in your career or business?
  • Do you need to improve your presentation skills because of a recent promotion?
  • Do you need to focus on an upcoming presentation that could make it or break it for you?
  • Are you aware of the non-verbal messages you are communicating?
  • Are you interested in delivering first class material with confidence and style?
  • Do you want to maximize your relationships and better connect with your clients? Your associates? Your audience?
  • Could you benefit from an objective, professional evaluation of your speech content and delivery style?


  • Could your employee(s) benefit from some one-on-one coaching on presentation skills?
  • Would your organization like to have its employee(s) improve their communication skills?
  • Is your organization interested in maximizing its relationship with its customers?

If you have replied YES to one or more of the above questions, then StageCoach Consulting can help you.


As your communication skills coach, my role will change to meet your needs as they change. My mission, however, will remain the same: “To provide support, to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity you already have” and get you where you want to go.

I will be:

  • your trainer/evaluator in communication and presentation skills;
  • your mentor in personal and professional development;
  • your advocate in keeping you committed to your goals;
  • your cheerleader, offering you unconditional encouragement;
  • your “kick in the pants” if you need it;
  • your resource when you require it and
  • your confidante.

Together, we will identify and explore effective means for making your presentations come alive—first class delivery with confidence and style.™


You will learn how to:

  • be more comfortable speaking in front of a group;
  • take charge of any nervous symptoms before you get up and speak;
  • help eliminate any annoying habits which can detract from your message;
  • say what you want to say better;
  • speak about “you/your company” without forgetting the “what about me?” of your audience;
  • improve other’s impressions of you and your business;
  • maximize your relationships;
  • learn what makes a great presentation;
  • discover the power of body language;
  • connect better with your audience.


If we choose to work together, we will form a collaborative relationship. Coaching sessions are one-on-one—in person, by telephone, or through e-mail. Generally, we meet in-person or speak on the telephone 3 times per month for 1 hour. I invite you to give me a call so we can discuss your needs, as well as ask any questions you may have about coaching. This is a FREE no-obligation telephone session.

If your need is urgent, half-day coaching sessions are also available, as well as group coaching sessions. Please contact our office for a no-obligation consultation so that together we can determine how we can best serve you.


Come Prepared
If you know what you want to accomplish during each session, you will get more out of it.

Keep Your Commitment
You will be challenged. If you agree to do something, then do it. If you feel any uncertainty as to what I ask of you, then say no to the request and together we will find a compromise.

Be Truthful
Don’t hold back. I am professionally bound to keep everything you say in the strictest confidence.

Challenge Me
Let me know what is working best for you, and what is not. When you need more support, don’t hesitate to ask me. Together, we are partners.

Be Honorable
Be on time for your appointments. Make sure you submit payment in advance of your sessions. If you’re satisfied with my services and what you are accomplishing, share this information with your friends and associates.

For a partial list of clients, please see About Leona.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel.: 613-315-6127
E-mail: leona@stagecoachconsulting.com


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